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At present, POA is raising funds to build teacher housing for Bashay Primary School. At present, there are 109 kindergarten students taught in one classroom with one teacher. Fifth grade has 91 students taught by one teacher, and sixth grade has 84 students taught by one teacher. The other grades average 45-50 students per teacher. In Tanzania, the central government hires all the teachers. They will not hire more teachers for Bashay until they have teacher housing available. $17,00-18,000 will build a structure which will house up to 4 single teachers. In addition to needing the housing for teachers, Bashay needs a place for student teachers to stay in their 6 weeks at Bashay. This past February/March, Bashay had 8 student teachers. There was no place for these student teachers to stay, so they had to stay in a cleaned out office at Bashay, sharing 2-3 people/bed. If you'd like to donate to this project, send a check to Positive Outlook Association c/o Donna Baumgarter, 242 Zachary Ct., Waterloo, IA, 50701.


Latest Completed Project, November, 2011 Video

In November, 2011, we purchased all the textbooks on the Headmaster's list, as well as paper, 750 rulers, chalk, pens, 10 bulletin boards for the classrooms, staplers & staples, ink for the printer, paper for the printer, and other basic materials. I was able to work in a 5th grade classroom, where they wrote friendly letters (in English) to a Cedar Falls, Iowa 5th grade class. It was an amazing experience. Idrissah Mshana spent 3-4 days in Karatu overseeing the safe water tank project. I returned to Tanzania in March, 2012 to view the completed project. One safe water tank was installled near the girls' restroom, one near the boys' restroom, and one near where they eat lunch. While at Bashay, we discovered they had stopped serving lunch for several weeks because they had no firewood to cook with. When the students go home for lunch, about 20-30% don't return to school in the afternoon. So we purchased a full truckload of firewood. The next day, they were back to cooking lunch.


At our visit to Shalom, we delivered 32 hand sewn dolls (by Donna Baumgartner), about 100 pairs of underwear for boys and girls, 144 toothbrushes, crayons and coloring books, and bar soap. While there, we purchased large quantities of sugar, cooking oil, salt, laundry soap, bar soap, and vaseline. If you'd like to donate to help purchase more textbooks and basic school supplies, checks can be written to: Positive Outlook Association and mailed to Positive Outlook Association, 242 Zachary Ct., Waterloo, IA, 50701. If you have any questions, write to: or call: 319-504-9873.

Positive Outlook Association is now supporting Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania. More information, pictures, and videos will be upcoming. Shalom cares for 58 young orphans, and there is a great need for support.

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VIDEO of Shalom Orphanage

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Viewpoint Adventures (African Safari Tour Company) directly supports Bashay Primary School through Positive Outlook Association, a not-for-profit corporation formed by Donna and Gary Baumgartner. After her first visit to Bashay Primary and meeting Justine Basso, the headmaster, Donna knew she wanted to continue to help the teachers and students of Bashay. A retired teacher, she recognized the extraordinary work being done at this school under difficult conditions. Her heart went out to the teachers and the students. She discussed her passion with Gary, and they decided to form Positive Outlook Association (POA, which means ʻcoolʼ in Swahili). Through fundraising with family and friends, about $1300 worth of textbooks and school supplies were donated to Bashay in November, 2010. In February, 2011, a printer and solar power to run it were donated to Bashay. The first major infrastructure POA project is to build a cafeteria/kitchen, so the students will not have to eat their school breakfast and lunches in the rain and blowing dust. In addition to providing needed school supplies and infrastructure, Donna strives to help the teachers of Bashay Primary develop teaching materials to improve student learning. The teachers do their work with basically a black board, some paper, and some textbooks. POA would like to provide enough textbooks for every classroom as well as developing new teaching materials at every grade level.

Idrissah, Gary, and Donna all understand the power of education to shape the future. They, too, recognize the extraordinary educational leadership of Justine Basso, Bashayʼs headmaster. Under Justineʼs leadership, the teachers and parents of Bashay are constantly improving their school and thereby, the educational opportunities of their students.

In addition to supporting Bashay Primary School and Shalom Orphanage, Viewpoint Adventures seeks to directly support local businesses and artisans of Tanzania. School supplies for Bashay are purchased at a local school supply store, providing that store with income. Clients are taken to a local Maasai womenʼs group who have banded together to sell their handmade beadwork, baskets, etc. to support the entire village. We connect with local artisans who are keeping traditional African arts alive through education and training of the young people of the villages. Clients of Viewpoint Adventures are given every opportunity to support local businesses, artists, and schools.

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