Udzungwa Mountains National Park


Area: 1,990 km²

Udzungwa Mountains National park has no tourist accommodation. It is a camping and hiking wilderness retreat with few defined trails, extremely beautiful scenery including endemic trees, shrubs and herbs, and precious few visitors.

The mountain range makes up only 2% of Tanzania's land area, but the forests contain 30% - 40% of the country's plant and mammal species. They also have the secound highest bird diversity in Africa behind the less accessible ituri forest in the DRC.

Flora / Fauna

tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland, steppe


Rufous-winged Sunbird, Udzungwa Partridge; Sanje crested Mangabey. Iringa red colobus, Rungwecerbus kipunji, Matundu dwarf Galago, Mountain dwarf Galago; reptiles and amphibians; Hyrax, Squirrel; also big mammals, more than 400 bird species, 2500 plant species; many endemics (25 % of plant species, 5 primates)

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