Selous National Park


Area: 44,800 km²

Selous National Park is a treasure of Tanzania and one of the largest protected areas in the world. Imagine a protected area the size of Denmark, blanketed by a primative wilderness that still holds areas that have never felt the footstep of a human being. The ideas of such a large and undiscovered area, teeming with spectacular wildlife, beckons to the heart of the adventurer. This place is unique. The massive size of the wilderness here is all-consuming. As your gaze skims the horizon of glassy lakes and towering trees, it is easy to feel like the only person left on the planet.

Not only is the area beautiful and pristine, but it is also home to some spectacular wildlife. Selous is one of the few places where the leopard population actually outnumbers the lion population.The Selous is known in Swahili as Shamba ya Bibi - literally translated as "women's garden". It has the largest number of several species of animals found in a single reserve anywhere in the world:

  • elephant - 65,000
  • Buffalo - 110,000
  • Hipopotamus - 40,000
  • Lion - 3,000
  • The endangered African Hunting Dog - 1,300

The Selous ecosystem encompasses a wide spectrum of wildlife habitats including open grasslands, miombo woodlands that cover three quarters of the reserve, and riverine forests. As a result of its unique ecological importance, the Selous was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982.

Formerly, there was a hunting block set aside in this area, but that has been removed, and now that area is part of Selous National Park. 

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