Ruaha National Park

For anyone seeking a true African wilderness experience, a visit to Ruaha National Park is a must see! One of Tanzania's wildest parks, Ruaha can only be described as a true unspoiled African wilderness. Due to its distance from any major city, very few travelers visit this park each year, but those who do are treated to unsurpassed wilderness and complete isolation.


The landscape is rugged and harsh. Vast and untouched, Ruaha is now the largest National Park in Tanzania. It is larger than Wales. This park is perhaps the least well known and yet it is one of the most spectacular in Africa. Although without the teeming herds common in the Northern part of the country, Ruaha holds an incrredible amount and variety of animals, with an estimated 20,000 elephants. Ruaha's secret lies in its extraordinary diversity of animals, plants, and birds. Within the park are over 1,600 species of trees, as well as 530 species of birds. Half of all Tanzania's bird species can be spotted in Ruaha. 

Among the mammals, this park possesses one of the largest species counts of large mammals. With all the regular animals such as elephants, huge herds of buffalo, giraffes, elands, hippos, crocodiles, lions, and leopards, Ruaha holds many more rare creatures such as lesser kudus, sable antelope, and  roan antelope. 

Ruaha is also home to the second larges population of wild dogs in Africa. As for pachyderms, it is not uncommon in dry season, to see well over 100 elephants in a single drive. Hippos rule the river, and vast quantities of hippos can be seen sunning themselves along the stunning river banks on an early morning. 

The Ruaha climate is perfect! Nights are delightfully cool, but warm during the daytime. The rains in Ruaha begin in December, which then turn the park into a green paradise. Game viewing is more difficult during this time, but for scenery, birds, beauty and flowers, it is by far, the best time of year. 

For the most discerning safari lover looking for an 'off the beaten track' pure wilderness experience, a visit to Ruaha to view its larger beasts, stunning vistas, numerous baobabs, and its unique birds and animals must not be missed!