Arusha National Park

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Area: 212 sq. miles

This little gem of a national park near Arusha, northern Tanzania's safari capital, is a perfect way to begin or end an African safari. It contains species that the visitor will not see elsewhere in northern Tanzania, its environment is unique, and it is on your doorstep. This small national park includes the slopes, summit and ash cone on Mt. Meru, the Momela Lakes, Ngurdoto Crater, and the lush highland forests that blanket its lower slopes. Game viewing is at a laid-back and quiet pace. While passing through the forest, many visitors stop to search for troupes of rare colubus monkeys playing in the canopy.

Flora / Fauna

Dense forest, swamp, grassland, lakes, alpine highland, rocks.


Photo by Carol Austin
Giraffe, buffalo, elephant, zebra, dik-dik, hippopotamus, waterbuck, warthog, leopard, eland, spotted hyena, klipspringer, baboon, blue monkey, black-and-white colobus, greater flamingo, lesser flamingo, sacred ibis, maccoa duck, Egyptian goose, turaco, narina trogon, broadbill, red-hot poker, Spanish moss, giant lobelia, 400 bird species.


The lighter, short rains should fall in November and December. This is followed by a lull before the long rains from March until mid-May. During the cooler months from June-September, heavy morning cloud helps keep the grass green.

The hottest months are January and February when the temperature can rise to 27 degrees C. In the cold season, from late June until August, the temperature drops to 15 degrees C. Warm clothing is needed during this period.

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