Your Dollars at Work



Many thanks to all the individuals and businesses who donated money to POA for Safe Water Tanks. We have topped our goal and have raised $4,600! We purchased and installed 3 Safe Water. The remaining funds purchased much needed textbooks and other school supplies, including 10 bulletin boards for the classrooms. Justine Basso, the headmaster, supplied a list of specific textbooks needed. Idrissah Mshana, co-owner of Viewpoint Adventures, oversaw the project. In March, 2012, a large truckload of firewood was purchased for Bashay, so they could cook lunch. They had run out of firewood and had no money to buy more. The students were sent home for lunch. About 20-30% wouldn't return in the afternoon. At Shalom Orphanage, POA donated 32 handsewn dolls (by Donna Baumgartner), 144 toothbrushes, bar soap, about 100 pairs of underwear for boys and girls, crayons and coloring books, and large quantities of sugar, salt, cooking oil, laundry soap, bar soap, and vaseline.

Our currect project is to build TEACHER HOUSING. In Tanzania, the central government hires the teachers. They won't send any more teachers to Bashay until Bashay has teacher housing. At present, there are 109 kindergarten students taught by one teacher. There are 91 fifth graders taught by one teacher and 84 sixth graders taught by one teacher. The other grades average 45-50 students per teacher. In addition to the teachers needing housing, student teachers who train at Bashay need a place to stay. The most recent set of student teachers had to live in a cleaned out Bashay office room, sharing 2-3 in a bed. 










If you'd like to donate to help purchase more textbooks and basic school supplies, checks can be written to: Positive Outlook Association and mailed to Positive Outlook Association, 242 Zachary Ct., Waterloo, IA, 50701. If you have any questions, write to: or call: 319-504-9873.


A little goes a long way at Bashay.

  • $20 could purchase 4 textbooks or feed one child at Shalom for two weeks.
  • $20 could purchase 20 kg beans, enough to feed the entire school for one lunch.
  • $30 could purchase 100 kg corn, enough to feed the entire school for one lunch
  • $30 could purchase one school uniform.
  • $40 could feed one child at Shalom for one month.
  • $50 could feed one lunch to the entire school.
  • $80 could purchase10 reams of paper, enough for about one month for the entire school.
  • $100 could purchase enough pens and pencils for one quarter of the school year.
  • $100 could purchase 20-25 textbooks, enough for a classroom.
  • $150 could feed the entire school lunch for one week.
  • $150 could purchase a large truckload of firewood, enough to cook with for 1-2 months.
  • $400 could purchase pens and pencils for all the students for an entire year.
  • $500 could purchase a safe water tank (5 are needed) to provide safe water for students.
  • $800 could purchase enough paper for an entire year.