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Video thanks from Justine Basso, headmaster of Bashay Primary.
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Many thanks to all the individuals and businesses who donated money to POA for Safe Water Tanks. We topped our goal and raised $4,600! Three safe water tanks were purchased and installed. One is near the girls' restroom, one near the boys' restroom, and one near where the students eat lunch. The remaining funds purchased much needed textbooks and school supplies, including 10 bulletin boards for classrooms. Idrissah Mshana, co-owner of Viewpoint Adventures will oversaw completion of the project. If you'd like to donate to help purchase more textbooks and basic school supplies, checks can be written to: Positive Outlook Association and mailed to Positive Outlook Association, 242 Zachary Ct., Waterloo, IA, 50701. If you have any questions, write to: or call: 319-504-9873.

Positive Outlook Association is a not-for-profit organization to benefit Bashay Primary School and Shalom Orphanage of Karatu, Tanzania. We are working on non-profit status and will update the site when that is achieved. Here are some facts about Bashay Primary:

  • Bashay has about 850-900 students, K-7th grade, with 17 teachers.
  • There is no electricity at Bashay.
  • There are insufficient textbooks.
  • Teachers make due with a blackboard and few other teaching tools.
  • Students eat breakfast and lunch at school, but eat outside, rain or shine. Bashay has only recently started the breakfast/lunch program. In the past, the students returned home for lunch.
  • Justine Basso, the headmaster, has made great strides in improving the national test scores in his years at Bashay. When Justine arrived at Bashay, only 4% of the 7th graders were passing their final exams. Now over 84% of 7th graders pass.
  • Justineʼs policies improve academic performance, ensure the school is clean and safe, encourage parental involvement, and motivate students to work hard.
  • Bashay Primary School has been provided with support by Grand Circle Foundation. However, there is much work yet to be done.

Positive Outlook Association is now also supporting Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania, which is in the same general area as Bashay Primary School. Shalom cares for about 56 children, ages 0-14. There are many many needs at this orphanage. We have begun fund raising to meet some of these needs. For example, the city recently shut off the water to the orphanage because Shalom was unable to pay the water bills for a number of months. They are now using well water. The electricity was in jeapardy of being turned off also, due to lack of payments. Without electricity, they would be unable to pump the water out of the well. Fortunately, 2 travelers with Viewpoint Adventures and another generous lady contributed enough money ($1,600) to pay off the electric bill in early December. Needs include: food, first aid supplies, toothpaste and tooth brushes, cooking oil, laundry soap, medical care, pay for their workers (who often work for months without pay), funds for basic utilities, building a water storage system, adding fencing, building a garbage incinerator, backpacks for school, school supplies, and books for the children. If you would like to support Shalom Orphanage, please contact Donna Baumgartner at: 319-504-9873 or VIDEO of Shalom Children


  • The first unofficial project, completed before POA started, was raising $1,300 through family and friends. These funds purchased about 200 textbooks, 50 rechargeable flashlights, and a variety of other school supplies (pencils, pens, chalk, colored pencils, atlases, soccer balls, etc.)

  • In February, 2011, POA funded a printer/copier, along with solar power to run it. The copier is housed in the headmasterʼs office and because of the solar power, he now has light in his office. thumb_justinewithcopierThis allows him to continue to work at school after it gets dark. Before the copier was installed, the teachers would have to write the national tests on the blackboard, in sections, and have the students copy them by hand. Now, each student can have a copy of the test.

  • POA would like to sponsor needy 7th grade students who are doing well in school to attend private secondary school in the area. This will help put them in good position to attend college after secondary school.
  • $4,600 was raised this past fall. Three large safe water tanks have been purchased and were installed in December, 2011. Many thanks to all who contributed to this project. In addition to the water tanks, about 125 textbooks, vast amounts of basic school supplies (paper, rulers, pencils, chalk, etc), and 10 bulletin boards for the classrooms were purchased with donations. Video thanks from headmaster Justine Basso.
  • Justine Basso has identified a great need for Teacher Housing. In Tanzania, the government hires all the teachers for government schools. If a school does not have teacher housing available, the school is not able to add new teachers to the staff. Bashay has a great need for more teachers as they have 16-17 teachers now teaching over 850 students. Bashay has a large piece of land on which to build teacher housing, which is right next to the school. About $17,000 is needed to build a structure which would house up to 4 single teachers. This would immensely help the education of Bashay students by providing more individualized instruction. In March, 2012, there were 109 kindergarten students being taught in one classroom, with one teacher. Fifth grade had 91 students with one teacher, and sixth grade had 84 students with one teacher. Other grades average 45-50 per teacher. S1190100
  • In addition to benefitting teachers, the new housing would benefit student teachers which Bashay gets twice/year. In February/March, 2012, they had 8 student teachers for 6 weeks. The only place these student teachers had to stay was an empty office at the school, where they slept 2-3 people in one bed. With new teacher housing, student teachers could stay with the teachers in this housing. If you would like to help with this project, please contact: Donna Baumgartner at 319-504-9873 or

VIDEO: Bashay students

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