When to Travel

PB210428Taken on Viewpoint Tour 11/2010Almost anytime is a fabulous time to safari in Tanzania. April is rainy, but for more adventurous travelers, we can plan a private trip during that time. Travel in May is not recommended. At Viewpoint Adventures, we plan our safaris to take advantage of the best game viewing according to the seasonal concentrations of wildlife.

We always recommend booking your trip well in advance (4 months or more). By booking in advance, you will have more lodging options as lodging is limited in and around the parks. We want you to have the best lodging available.

January - March

This is an excellent time to travel. It is the time of "short rains" and it makes the game viewing spectacular as there is more water in streams for the animals. It is the end of the Great Migration season. Lots of game babies to be seen.

April - May
This is primarily the rainy season (part of April through part of June). Limited game drives due to some impassbile roads in the national parks. You can travel in early April, but travel in May is not recommended. 

June - July
The weather is cooler and drier and provides for wonderful game viewing. Also a superb time to venture into Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is a very popular time for travels in East Africa. If you want to travel in June or July, we highly recommend you make your travel plans well in advance. Please start the booking process at least 4 months in advance. You will have a better likelihood of reserving the best quality lodging. If you wait until March or April to book for the summer, it makes it more difficult to find available lodging. Lodging is limited in and around the more popular parks.

August - December
The weather starts to get warmer, but it is comfortable and is a popular time for safaris. Book early as trips fill up quickly in this time period. You will see the beginning and middle of the Great Migration during this time. Lush foliage following the rainy season brings the animals out in great numbers for enjoyable viewing. If you want to travel in August, we also recommend booking at least 4 months in advance, as August is a very popular month for safari trips. 

Explore your wild side with Viewpoint Adventures throughout the year. You'll never regret the best time you've ever had!