Bashay School

Bashay SchoolIf you want a chance to view a miracle, then Bashay Primary School is for you. Nestled in a tiny village off the beaten path in Karatu is a school. As you drive up, it’s colorful and clean enough and students abound, all with a look of wonder and excitement as to who is visiting. It is indeed an impressive sight. The headmaster, Justine Basso greets the visitors with a warm smile and a hug. Pride of his school is it should be.

In 1995, Justine Basso came to Bashay with a goal to improve the quality of education and improve he did. The buildings weren’t as seen today, but in decay. The colors were faded and the students were not so happy. The academics were weak and few students passed the National Tests.

The seventh grade national tests are the benchmark for students. Only students who pass this test will be able to continue their educations in secondary school, possibly go on to college, and make a better life for themselves. When Basso took over the school, only 4% of the students passed the national exam. Now, under the guidance of Basso and a dedicated staff, the success rate has risen to over 87%.

Bashay is a school of 850-950 students from many villages miles away. There are 20 teachers for these Outside_wkidsstudents, kindergarten through seventh grade. The classrooms are filled to overflowing with as many as 109 students. The teachers are armed with a blackboard and maybe a piece of chalk. The kids share desks with as many as three to a desk and barely have enough paper and pencils or text books to go around.

It is a tough way to educate a student population...yet Basso has thrived. The students are happy and teeming with pride for their school and their country. This is evidenced by the singing of the national anthem of Tanzania and their work ethic for their studies. It is truly an amazing thing to witness. It makes you think. It makes you realize how much we have that we take for granted.

Viewpoint Adventures supports this school and the efforts of Justine Basso through a foundation called Positive Outlook Association. Its goal is to help give these students of Bashay a better chance in life which otherwise might not be afforded them. It is Viewpoint Adventure’s gift to you to visit this amazing school and meet the students, faculty and Justine Basso and, in doing so, to better understand this culture firsthand.

Many thanks to all the individuals and businesses who donated money to POA for Safe Water Tanks at Bashay Primary. We have topped our goal and have raised about $4,500! Purchasing and installing 3 Safe Water Tanks cost about $3,000. The remaining funds purchased much needed textbooks and other school supplies, including bulletin boards for all the classrooms. Justine Basso, the headmaster, supplied a list of specific textbooks needed. These were purchased in March, when Donna Baumgartner traveled to Tanzania for 10 days. She spent 2 days at Bashay, working with the students and the teachers. Justine Basso warmly opened his home to her for the two days. The water tanks were purchased and installed in April. Idrissah Mshana, co-owner of Viewpoint Adventures oversaw the project. If you'd like to donate to help purchase more textbooks and basic school supplies, please use the DONATE NOW button, which can be found on various pages on Positive Outlook Association. Donations funnel through PayPal. If you are not a member of PayPal, you can sign up for free. 100% of your donations go to POA. PayPal charges us a 3% fee, but the US Directors of Viewpoint Adventures, Bum & Donna Baumgartner, donate these fees personally, so all of your donations benefit the children of Bashay Primary School and Shalom Orpahange. If you have any questions, write to: or call: 319-504-9873.

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