Mto wa Mbu Cultural Program

Mto Wa Mbu Cultural ProgramEbony woodcarver at Mto wa MbuMto wa Mbu is a beautiful village filled with culture and tradition. The setting is splashed with a rural feel but make no mistake, it is a vital city, thriving with activity. There are open air markets, stores, and lots of people taking care of the business of the day. It is alive with activity.

When you first see it, you are amazed at the sheer number of people standing and talking, working or just relaxing. Hidden in the middle of the village is a building like many others. It doesn’t stand out and is not fancy but reflective of its surroundings. Within this building is a group dedicated to the preservation of the history of Mto wa Mbu. This is the Cultural Heritage Society, a group of dedicated historians wanting the future to be better by preserving its past.

An historian will guide a tour through the town, explaining its past and its present and the impact these two things have on their future. It is a fact filled tour that takes you to the people of the town of today as well as the artisans of a time gone by.


There are a variety of tours available to take you to ebony carvers, basket weavers, dancers, painters or even a bar where they make their own banana beer. Each stop offers insight into the history of the craft as well as an opportunity to learn how to do the craft (if so desired). Also these artisans sell many of their works which are on display. It is truly a wonderful sight to see and one that will not soon be forgotten.

This is a Viewpoint Adventures must see stop. Many tours don’t offer this insight into the culture of these people and the artisans within. Enjoy the experience!