Dream Your Adventure

Dream Your AdventurePhoto by D. Baumgartner 11/2010With Viewpoint Adventures, you will be a traveler, not a tourist. As travelers, you will get to know the real Tanzania, meeting and interacting with local people, learning local arts and customs, visiting a school, walking through the markets, visiting a Maasai village. The people of Tanzania are gracious, optimistic, friendly, and helpful. You will receive a warm welcome wherever you go. If you make an effort to learn some of the language, you will be especially welcomed. Many people initially come to Tanzania to see the wildlife in their natural habitat. But they come back because of the people and their positive outlook and graciousness.

Weʼve suggested several possible itineraries, but weʼd like you to be free to develop your own adventure. You can tell us what your main interests are, and we will work with you to develop just the right itinerary to make your trip perfect and individualized. Typical safari tours range from 7-11 days. In addition to a traditional safari, we can take you on walking safaris, help you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, take you to Zanzibar, arrange for deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean, an much more. If you've never been to Africa, let us suggest our favorite places and activities. If this is a return trip to Tanzania, please feel free to tell us what would make an exciting trip for you. We'll make every effort to help you achieve another trip of a lifetime.